Front Door Color Affects Sale Of A Home

Thinking about preparing to sell your home? Curb appeal and the entry to your home  are key in inviting potential buyers in and giving them a good first impression!  Front door color may even affect the sale of your home!

Yes to these colors when selling!


A Februray 2009 survey from Co-Operative Bank Mortgages showed that that 29% of home buyers preferred a white front door. However, a close second of 20% of buyers preferred red. The third most popular at 16% was blue, with green coming in at #4 and brown at #5.

Pink was the least favorite, and could possibly keep a buyer from even making an offer. Other offender colors were orange, purple, grey and yellow.

No to these colors when selling!


When recommending door colors for home owners or sellers,  I rarely recommend white, but love red and slate tones.   White paint is a little difficult to keep looking perfect!

What paint color should you choose for your front door? Look at the roof or stonework on the house, can it be highlighted or accented? I love a dark slate grey door and many shades of red as well. If there is stacked stone many times a beautiful dark beige, black or brown works well too. Stay away from the hunter green and mauve tones — they will create a dated look.

Still wondering what color would be best?  Give us a call for a color consultation or send us a photo of the exterior of your home!

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  1. One addition I have to make to this post is to also view the home from a neighborhood perspective. Your trim and front door should be a beautiful blending with the neighborhood, but distinct as well!


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