Easy Easter Decor Ideas!

Easy Easter Decor Ideas!

Thinking about decorating for Easter dinner or just wanting to bring some springtime into your home?  Me too!

Here’s some photos that I found inspiring today . . .

blown egg/napkin ring flower holder – classy!

I love the idea using flowers and things that you have on hand — like these mason jars.


Or using candy as filler in the vases!

Flower arranging isn’t my forte . . . but creating these arrangements will be quick, easy and guest pleasing!

There are wonderful craft ideas online that using some ribbon, paper, blown egg shells and other free items, you can find creative and beautiful ideas to make your holiday table fun and attractive.

I love trimming flowering shrubs/trees too and using them in centerpieces (daphne – yum!).

egg cups with flowers! Darling!

What can you do with some ribbon and paper?

What can you do with some ribbon and paper?

cuttings from flowering branches create great centerpieces

Most importantly . . . I think I’ve finally found a use for PEEPS!

Isn’t this just darling!  Happy decorating!

Happy Easter!

Margaret Oscilia, Home Stager of Creative Concepts and  Contracting loves creating great looks for less!  Sometimes its knowing how to use what you have in different ways that can create a great look — (even with peeps!).

Need help creating a fresh new look using what you have on hand?  Contact us at 503-881-0886



  1. I just need to pay you to come and decorate my house for me. Every year I take out photos and projects to do and then they sit in my pile…

  2. These are great ideas! Can’t wait to give them a try – thanks!

  3. I agree about peeps…I love this idea!

  4. I really like the peeps idea. I am going to have to do this next year!

  5. Last year I saw peeps on sale the day after Easter for a penny a box . . . I think I’m going to buy some, pack them away until next year and then make some vases! I know the nurses at my uncle’s nursing home would love them, my kids teachers too!

  6. I love the peeps & jelly beans. I am working in the floral dept at my local grocery store & look for creative new ideas. Are you using double vases? I was wondering if they start breaking down in the water?? Thanks for the ideas, I can’t wait to try them.

  7. Yes – use a clear glass for the inside vase if possible. Glad you are inspired and I can’t wait to make them soon too!

  8. Are the eggs real? Are they in water?

  9. If you use candy in the vases, you can use artificial flowers or real flowers in a smaller vase that fits inside the larger vase. Then the smaller vase can contain the water. If you use real eggs in the vases, make sure to dispose of them and not eat them!


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