Sometimes It is Overwhelming

Yesterday I had a home staging consultation with a delightful gentleman whose home had been on the market for some time.  When we started talking about decluttering, removing photos and storing sentimental items, it was easy to see the process could become... Continue Reading »

Is Your Hobby Killing Your Home Sale?

My job as a professional home stager takes me into over a dozen homes a week and I meet some fantastically creative people along the way.   It is amazing to me the unique things people do, create and collect – a fun part of my job. All too often I have to tell... Continue Reading »

We don’t need a stager, we need an Exorcist!

Many will think that poorly prepared listings are a rare case, but unfortunately I rarely see listing photos that couldn’t be improved. Home sellers count on real estate professionals to advise them on how to sell their homes the quickest, for the least hassle,... Continue Reading »

De-cluttering Your Home May Improve Sale Price

Thinking about selling your home, but hate the thought of de-cluttering? Ask any real estate agent or home stager and each one will agree — Clearing the clutter is key to effectively marketing your home! Still not inspired?  Here’s a great article stating... Continue Reading »

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