Twas the Month Before Listing …

Twas the Month Before Listing …

We’re getting lots of calls from homeowners preparing to launch their homes into the market in January — and many of our staged homes received offers this month!  This little poem came from my hubby’s creative genius and was posted previously but I... Continue Reading »

Avoid the Gift Giving Grenade!

You’ve all had these type of bombs drop into your hands. Gifts you didn’t need didn’t want Clothes that were wrong/ill fitting/etc Perfume that smelled like it was from the 80’s “Special” decorating items – (where should I... Continue Reading »

Storing Holiday Decor

By the time the holidays are done I’m really tired of the extra decorations, clutter and hub-bub.  Most people will agree its fun to decorate for Christmas, but decorations that were so much fun to put up are really a drag to take down. Another problem is that... Continue Reading »

Santa Baby — My Updated Christmas list!

Santa baby . . . I keep telling you . . . I’ve been a very good girl. When you zip down the chimney this year can we work on a few things?  No you don’t need to load your pack with that ’54 convertible, (light blue), this year . . . I’ve got a... Continue Reading »

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